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Breakthrough company Anais Candle has created an astounding candle that is aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and romantic. It’s called the Venus Candle. Their raving customers have purchased them as birthday gifts, special events, weddings favors, and most commonly, home décor. With customers ranging from home décor addicts, boutiques, influencers, and company executives, we expect them to deliver to many more for the Black Friday and Christmas holidays.


The Venus Candle is not just a candle, It’s art

The Venus Candle adds a pleasant ancient Greek aesthetic to any space. It features an enrobed and half-naked sculpture woman on a pedestal. In place of a head, the thread of a natural cotton wick protrudes. The color and texture is a classy smooth cream-white. The pedestal of the candle is round and smooth which provides a stable platform, preventing any tip-overs. Whether you choose to feature the candle in your walk-in closets, foyers, or living rooms, on coffee tables, dressers, or marble countertops, they will surely astonish guests and friends.


Why Anais Candle?

In-house sculptors hand-make and redefine each candle, ensuring they look amazing in your space. They intentionally formulated a proprietary all-natural beeswax and soy wax combination to create a candle that burns slower than with only soy wax. The beeswax in the candles can be very beneficial for the air in your home as it produces negative ions when burned. Those ions reduce the effects of the pollutants in the air by removing dust, odor, and mold. Research has shown that it also improves breathing for those who have allergies or asthma.


Final Words

The Venus Candle by Anais Candle is not only handcrafted but natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable. With the cold months nearing, many of us like to add candles to create a cozy place because candles indeed enhance the coziness of homes. So, go and secure one of these amazing candles and snuggle up during the fall and winter season.

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Anais Candle as seen in the Jan 2021 issue of The World Of Interiors magazine



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