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Updated Formula on Burn-Time as of Nov 17th, 2020:

Up to 7-Hours: Venus Candle

Up to 10-Hours: Anaïs Man Candle; Puppy Candle

Up to 20-Hours: Marcellus Candle, Halo Candle 

Anais Candle has achieved a breakthrough of the longest burn-time sculpture candles compared to soy wax-only sculpture candles that only have 1-2 hour burn times.
As artists and candlemakers ourselves, we strive to improve our craft and our candles everyday. We are constantly thinking, researching, and experimenting with new methods, combinations, and materials to deliver luxurious, high-quality candles.
New Features! Little to no-wax "drippage"
When lit, wax now rarely drips down the side of the candle. If you prefer the look of wax dripping down the silhouette you can lightly tip the candle forward for this photo-op. Please be careful when doing this, you may burn yourself as the wax will be hot.