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Cinnamon Cornbread 2-Wick Candle

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Inspired by autumn brunch vibes & aesthetic. It makes perfect decor for your autumn tea time, brunch, or dessert tables. A splendid gift for yourself or your loved ones, for any occasion.

Scent: Cinnamon Cornbread 

This scent is true to the smell of cinnamon cornbreads. Cinnamon leaf and toasted nutmeg start off this warm and comforting scent. Then fresh ground cinnamon and a hint of crushed clove in the main body are smoothed out by touches of vanilla, tonka, and cinnamon bark in the base. Cinnamon leaf and cassia leaf essential oils reinforce the aromas.

Fills any space with an alluring, spiced aroma and creates a cozy atmosphere in more intimate settings. This nostalgic fragrance evokes memories of holiday gatherings, the warmth of being in the company of loved ones, and is a festive addition to any occasion.

This scent is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon leaf and cassia leaf.

About Anaïs Candle

Anaïs Candle all started as an inspiration to combine European art and sculptures with home decor. We love having pieces like this in our homes that just fill the room with dreaminess. We spent months researching and refining the handcrafted candle-making process with local artists from New York to create the one-of-a-kind Anaïs Candle.

We chose all-natural, non-toxic ingredients in our candles despite the increase in complexity of our candle-making process, higher production time, and higher cost. Our candles do not give off toxic byproducts and heavy soot when burned. Some types of candle wax contain trace amounts of toxins but this is not the case with Anaïs Candle. During our journey to create Anaïs Candle, we knew we wanted a one-of-a-kind Anaïs Candle for your home.

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Our Commitments

Anais Candles are handmade in New York City

Designed & Handcrafted in New York City

Paraffin Free, Pthalate Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free

Paraffin Free, Pthalate Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free

Made with only All-Natural Soy Wax, and Triple-Filtered Premium Beeswax

Made with only All-Natural Soy Wax, and Triple-Filtered Premium Beeswax

Candles Arrive Individually Packed with Ribbon & Candle Care Card

Candles Arrive Gift Ready; Individually Packed with Ribbon & Candle Care Card


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